Engage Lead Serve Board - Leadership Board Application 2022-23

Personal Information/Requirements

The  Engage Lead Serve Board (ELSB) is the education, leadership, and service branch of the Student Government Association. It is structured to encourage involvement in the community, allow active service, and model good leadership through intentional training. ELSB promotes collaboration between organizations, with a focus on areas that encourage service, leadership development, and civic engagement.

Engage Lead Serve Board 
Positions for 2021-2022 Year

  • Committees
    • Animal Welfare: Co-Directors
    • Equality & Justice: Co-Directors
    • Green Initiatives: Co-Directors
    • Mutual Aid and Poverty: Co-Directors
    • Mental & Physical Health: Co-Directors
    • Community Immersion: Co-Directors
  • Programs
    • Vote Everywhere Co-Directors (2)
    • Service Coordinators (2)
    • Task Force Freshmen Co-Directors (2)
    • Freshmen LEAD Co-Directors (2)
    • Cardinal Cupboard Food Pantry Assistants (4) 

Executive Board positions are in a separate form 

Process for joining the Board
Applicants will complete the following form. Approved applicants will receive an interview with the selection committee to discuss their interest in serving on the 2022-2023 Engage Lead Serve Board. Interviews for Leadership Board officers will be conducted in late March/early April 2022. Once interviews have concluded, an offer will be extended to students selected for a position. Individuals will have 24 hours to accept if presented with an offer.

Please review the following documents to ensure you understand the duties and responsibilities of each position on the Engage Lead Serve Board

If you would like to learn more about ELSB, ELSB's committee and program positions, the application process and timelines you may want to consider attending one of our two optional information sessions on February 9th and March 3rd from 6-7pm in SAC W118 or you may join virtually by emailing elsbpro@louisville.edu

We encourage all applicants to answer the questions thoroughly. Applications should be succinct yet still able to answer the question effectively. Unless otherwise noted, please limit an individual question response to 300 words. Completion of this form does not guarantee an interview with the Board. It is the responsibility of the applicant to respond to the interview invitation in a timely manner.

Should you be offered a position on the board, we expect you to attend two retreats and leadership board meetings (typically one in June and one in July) over the summer. The dates will be determined by the 2022-23 Executive Board but they are typically the second weekend of May and the first weekend of August. While exceptions may be made if you have prior commitments, we would like the complete new board in attendance.

Please be aware prior to filling out this application that all officers of the board are required to be enrolled at the University of Louisville (unless participating in authorized academic programs, such as internships, co-ops, etc.) and must maintain at least a 2.5 grade point average or be in good academic standing with your department.

The deadline to submit this application is 11:59 PM, March 14, 2022.

I have read and understand the requirements for this position. I feel confident that if selected I will be able to fulfil these requirements.
Name (First and Last) 
Email (louisville.edu)
My GPA is at 2.5 or above.
I am applying to the following positions