Engage Lead Serve Board - Executive Board Application 2022-23

Position Information

The Engage Lead Serve Board (ELSB) is the education, leadership, and service branch of the Student Government Association. It is structured to encourage involvement in the community, allow active service and model good leadership through intentional training. ELSB promotes collaboration between organizations, with a focus on areas that encourage service, leadership development, and civic engagement.

ELSB is led by an Executive Board ("Top 4") that includes the Executive Director, Operations Director, Programming Director, and Marketing Director. The entire board is composed of the "Top 4" directors and committee directors and associate directors (Animal Welfare, Equality & Justice, Green Initiatives, Mutual Aid and Poverty, Mental & Physical Health, and Community Immersion), and several programs (Service Coordinators, Vote Everywhere, Freshmen LEAD, Task Force Freshmen, and the CCU Cardinal Cupboard Food Pantry).

Selection for Top 4 directors will be based on the following criteria:
- Content of completed application
- Responses to the required essay questions (and portfolio items for Marketing Director only)
- Perceived interest in the Board's mission, committees, and programs
- In-person interview (if selected)
- Ability to complete the requirements for membership and duties of the position as outlined in the ELSB by-laws

All applicants must be enrolled at the University of Louisville either maintain a cumulative 2.5 GPA or be in good academic standing with their respective departments.  


The EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR is the highest-ranking member, primary representative, and executor of the Engage Lead Serve Board. They are responsible for ELSB and its mission, and work to set goals and strategically plan for the Board. They are the Chair of, and set the agenda for, all Executive and Leadership board meetings, design the budget for the Board, and represent ELSB to the University and Community at large. They are also tasked with the enforcement of ELSB's Constitution and By-Laws, along with the formal employment offers of all board members. The Executive Director may also serve as the liaison to the Student Government Association on behalf of the Board. Previous experience with group leadership, task delegation, and budget management/planning are desirable.

The OPERATIONS DIRECTOR is the personnel management and compliance officer of the Engage Lead Serve Board. They are responsible for archival functions of the Board, maintaining accurate records and overseeing the Engage portal on the Board's behalf. They are the Vice Chair of ELSB, acting as Chair in the absence of the Executive Director. They are the Parliamentarian of the Board and work to ensure compliance with the ELSB Constitution & By-Laws as well as oversee all policies pertaining to ELSB. The Operations Director is also responsible for the ELSB office space and ensuring that resources are made available to board members. They are also tasked with the transition processes of incoming and outgoing officers. Applied experience with organization, writing, and understanding procedures are desirable, along with a knowledge of Google Drive and Engage functions.

The PROGRAMMING DIRECTOR is responsible for helping plan ELSB signature events, special service opportunities, and outreach collaborations. This person must be passionate about service and event planning, organized, task-oriented, and creative in developing projects. Previous programming and event management is highly desirable. ELSB signature events help to educate and motivate students to join the ELSB Committees, so it would be helpful for this individual to have experience recruiting volunteers.

The MARKETING DIRECTOR is responsible for overseeing public relations, marketing materials, and graphic and web design. This position works to promote the organization and applicants must be knowledgeable of basic marketing and promotional techniques, be detailed-orientated, organized, and able to meet tight deadlines. A working knowledge of graphic design software (i.e. Adobe products, primarily Adobe Photoshop) and social media are highly suggested.

Regular office hours must be maintained by each director and a minimum of 15 hours must be logged per week in Engage. Leadership board meetings, bi-weekly meetings with advisors, Top 4 meetings, and Top 4 and advisor meetings count towards these 15 hours. Additionally, each director is required to complete 20 service hours per semester.


Each office will receive 5,630 dollars per year (2,815 per semester) assuming that they are fulfilling the duties of their position.

 Please be advised that Board Directors will be asked to participate in summer orientations, training sessions, meetings, and/or a retreat over the summer term, as well as assist in the planning of SOUL (Student Outreach Uniting Louisville- the day of service held during Welcome Week) for which they will not receive additional compensation for participating.


Engage Lead Serve Board - Executive Board

Term of Position
All newly selected Board members will serve alongside current directors for the remainder of the spring semester and take full direction of their position beginning May 3rd, 2022. New directors will work side-by-side with the current director to learn the procedures and protocols of the University and the Office of Student Involvement.  Furthermore, they will work to develop programs and initiatives for the summer and fall, work to further network with individuals in the campus and local community that have vested interest in the area of concentration, and select committee directors, associate directors, and/or committee members.  They should also discuss best practices for the development and growth of the program and set goals for the program.  The term will last until the next Board members are installed (one full year).  

Professional Demeanor
All those in a leadership role on the Engage Lead Serve Board are expected to maintain a professional demeanor.  This consists of not working on personal errands during official office hours, meetings, or community interaction.  Furthermore, coarse language, rowdy behavior, or conversations with inappropriate subjects will not be permitted.  The Engage Lead Serve Board strives for an inclusive environment and does not tolerate discrimination against individuals based on gender, sex, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, religion, age or any other superficial or non-performance based metrics.  Additionally, hate speech will not be tolerated.  Remember that you represent the Engage Lead Serve Board on your own personal time.

Supervisory Duties
As a board executive you will be required to supervise a programs directors, committee directors, and/or associate directors. 

Application Process
Candidates are allowed to apply for any combination of executive positions. Candidates should fill-out the online form and submit all pertinent documents to complete the application process.  

Interview Process
Completion of the application process does not guarantee an interview. Candidates to be interviewed will be contacted to schedule an interview.  It is the candidate’s responsibility to make their self available for an interview and to respond in a timely fashion to arrange an interview.


  • Application available Monday, January 10th, 2022
  • Applications due Monday, February 14th, 2021 at 11:59 PM
  • Interviews conducted between February 28th- March 4th 
If you have further questions about the expectations and responsibilities of the Executive Board Directors, don't hesitate to reach out to our current directors at the respective emails: 

Executive Director: elsbedir@louisville.edu
Operations Director: elsbop@louisville.edu
Programming Director: elsbpro@louisville.edu
Marketing Director: elsbmark@louisville.edu