Dr. Michael J. Cuyjet Graduate Fund Request Form

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Guidelines for use of the Dr. Michael J. Cuyjet Graduate Fund

Purpose:  Support for current UofL graduate students with a career goal of Student Affairs to attend professional organization conferences.

To apply for funding:

  1. Students may request funds to cover the cost of conference registration.  If the student has already covered registration costs, a request for other conference related expenses up to the amount of the conference registration may be requested.
  2. Submit all requests through this form.
  3. All students receiving funds are strongly encouraged to submit a program proposal, participate in case study competitions during the conference and/or volunteer for a committee affiliated with the professional organization hosting the conference.
  4. Provide a brief report detailing the activity and benefits of the professional development experience is to be submitted to the Vice Provost of Student Affairs office attention Tim Moore (tim.moore@louisville.edu), Chief of Staff, VPSA. The report is required for future access to PD funds and may be shared with the Cuyjet family.
  5. These funds can only be received once during a calendar year.  Preference will be given if funds are limited to conferences that are most directly related to Student Affairs.

These funds may affect loan amounts.  You can check with Financial Aid before receiving the funds to determine if there will be any impact on your school loans.

First Name
Last Name
Student ID Number
Email Address
Phone Number
Name of Conference

This conference should be directly related to Student Affairs or one of the functional areas within the university.
Requesting funds for:
Amount requested
Provide web link to verify registration cost for conference.
Are you participating in any of the following?
Please list other kinds of involvement you will have as part of the conference or other event you are attending.
Additionally, please describe in more detail what the involvement you indicated above will consist of.